Whole Community Academy



is to inspire a more inclusive community by offering vocational opportunities and activities of daily living for people with disabilities in pursuit of viable employment options.


We believe everyone should be able to achieve
economic independence after graduation.
The best way to remove barriers
and help individuals with disabilities
become marketable to employers is
to offer a viable pathway to employment
as they are transitioning out of high school.

Whole CommUNITY Academy (WCA)

was organized as a 501(c)(3) in 2023 and provides a Grade 23 vocational option to
students on IEPs before the age of 22.


The Academy strives to support, train and place people with disabilities in meaningful competitive-integrated employment before students complete high school.

Along with classroom instruction, students will explore:
• Interest assessments
• Selected interests in a variety of hands-on
learning opportunities
• Job shadowing, informational interviews,
volunteering, paid internships
• Portfolio building, resume composition
• Interview techniques, job search navigation

Students will be linked with disability-focused state organizations for sequential and continuous support.


is to provide a direct vocational path
to community employment.

Our Program:
Project Discovery

A combination of instructional methods and hands-on strategies used in a classroom setting, Project Discovery offers learners the opportunity to explore, experience, and develop real-life insight pertaining to the necessary job skills needed for a variety of entry level positions. Students who learn by doing will excel and enhance their exploration through practical daily living activities, while addressing social communication and workplace behaviors, as well as examining personal preferences in career exploration, and job skills training for community employment.

Introducing Project Discovery
and Achieve Life Skills Curriculum

Hands-On, Evidence-Based
Career Education for ALL Students

Our Career Exploration Series

allows adult students ages 18-22, who are still eligible for an IEP, to explore a variety of careers while discovering their interests and aptitudes.

Our Adaptive Series

includes video modeling and dynamic supports, such as audio, text and role playing with multiple modes of instruction so no student is left behind.

Our Job Skills Training Series

provides a comprehensive career and technical instruction to prepare students for a specific career of their choosing. Learning is relevant to the Real World Jobs. Students are given the opportunity to discover their career passions and interests through hands-on career kits. Students use real job tools to explore, practice and learn real job skills.

In Partnership with Education Associates

Nationally Recognized.
Results Driven.
Proven Results.

Improving test scores and achieving successful transitions are both critical outcomes that matter to dedicated educators.

Education Associates’ Project Discovery curriculum was developed by a team of nationally recognized curriculum experts and career guidance professionals as well as skilled workers in each career field. We passed a rigorous evaluation process by the U.S. Department of Education and received its validation and approval. In addition, it has been selected by the National Dropout Prevention Network as a Model Program.

education associates test score information
education associates statistical information

More Information

Intervention Specialist Job Description

Provides instruction and support for students with special needs ranging from age 18-22. Facilitates transition instructional skills for the acquisition of daily living and vocational skills that lead to a successful transition to adult life within the community.

Student Program Application

The purpose of this application process is to determine if the student applying for the program would be an appropriate candidate for our Grade 23 transitional option. Whole CommUNITY Academy staff will take time with each student’s application to determine whether that student would be able to excel and benefit from our curriculum.

Whole Community Academy

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For additional questions, please send an email to Academy@wholelattelovecafe.org or call 234-360-2233, ext 1314.



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