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Scott & Beth Humbert are the proud parents of three daughters, with their youngest, Caroline being labeled as a person with a disability. “What a difference one soul can make! Psalm 139 tells us we have all been purposefully and wonderfully made and Caroline’s purpose is to shine a light on how people view other people. Our lives have been forever blessed”, reports mother & Founder / CEO, Beth Humbert.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, in 2016, only 17.9% of persons with a disability were employed. In contrast, the employment population ratio for those without a disability was 65.3%. After spending 15 years in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation assisting, advocating and creating jobs for a variety of disabled job seekers, Beth was acutely aware of the need for a supported, yet transferable customer service training option in Stark County.


Scott & Beth Humbert with daughter Caroline

Our program strives to promote the value of diversity, dignity and the quality of life for persons with disabilities through person-centered training and awareness. Through our mentoring program, a participating individual will receive guidance in a paid integrated environment, complete with soft skills, as well as job seeking skills training and resume building.

As an advocate for inclusion and change, Beth has dedicated her career to making a difference. After being inspired by Caroline’s love for serving others, Whole Latte Love Café, Inc. was organized. Our purpose is to offer a specialized café setting, where supported employment (SE) training is extended for any transitional adult with intellectual or developmental disability after graduating high school. “My main goals are to create hope for other families, and provide a path towards independence and employment for other transitional adults just like Caroline”. Our purpose is two-fold: we take the socio-political approach to training persons with disabilities by providing an inclusive opportunity where one can experience a meaningful opportunity, while addressing society’s assumptions about the nature and meaning of disability, thus changing the way people recognize, value, accept, respect, include and congratulate other people.

Our Values

Our company values represent our core beliefs. Values help inspire and guide our choices in the way we operate, deal with people and make decisions. Values shape our culture and create accountable standards.

RESPECT: Through integrity, dignity, and respect, we demonstrate our love through the people we serve by supporting the well-being of each individual through faithfulness, honesty and providing appropriate services to all.

PERSON-CENTERED: We promote empowerment through self-advocacy, and self-determination while assisting with personal growth, options, and autonomy.

COLLABORATION: We advocate for the fair and adequate provision of services, while emphasizing client strengths and assisting with community transitions.

VOLUNTEER: We champion community inclusion and acceptance of all people, while offering volunteer opportunities that support the exploration of interests, preferences, and abilities.

Supporting Whole Latte Love Cafe’s Mission are the following Board of Trustee:


A great place

Whole Latte Love Café, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization that exists to teach customer service skills to PWD in the community.


Please consider joining our cause by celebrating our differences with a cup of java, endless smiles and contagious joy.

“Alone we can do so little. together we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller

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