Beth HumbertFounder

    Why did you choose to serve Whole Latte Love Cafe?

    The reason this cafe was created is two-fold: to provide a viable option for my daughter Caroline and her peers and to bring more awareness to the community. Whole Latte Love Cafe is just the beginning of what could be an employment transformation, positively promoting the value of adding diversity and inclusion to any work setting.

    What do you bring to the table?

    As a parent of a child who is differently abled, I’ve spent the last 22 years advocating for better services. I believe all people should be valued and included members of society, especially in the workplace. My purpose is to share my 18 years of vocational rehabilitation skills and experiences to help this under-served population thrive and live their best lives.

    Employment and Title

    Whole Latte Love Cafe – Founder

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